This lovely blog template

Before I catalogue any more books, I just wanted to say how much I love this gorgeous blog template, which I was able to customize with my choice of images, with a bit of fiddling around.

For those who are interested, this is what you have to do:
  1. Open up the template's .xml file in Notepad, and find the banner jpg file. If you want to jump straight to it, it's here.
  2. Save that banner image to your computer by right clicking and selecting Save Image As.
  3. Open that file up in Photoshop. You need to put your own photos on top of the original images that are already there (or perhaps you could take your paintbrush and paint over the original pics with white to erase them, if you prefer, and then put your own photos onto the rectangles).
  4. Open up an image you want to put onto the clothesline in Photoshop. Drag it onto the banner jpg, which you also have open in Photoshop. Place it roughly where you need it to be.
  5. Use Edit/Transform/Scale and also Edit/Transform/Rotate to get your image to be on an angle like the original banner pics were. Tip: by holding down the shift key while you transform the scale, you preserve the perspective of the photo and it won't 'warp'.
  6. When you're happy with the placement of your photo on the clothesline, hit Enter.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 with the other 2 pics on the clothesline.
  8. When finished, save that banner file as a jpeg onto your computer with a new filename.
  9. Upload the banner jpg to your photo storage website of choice (eg photobucket). Copy the direct link for your banner jpg.
  10. In the wooden fence template .xml file, opened in Notepad, search for "bg_header". You need to select the entire weblink (that ends in "bg_header.jpg") and replace it with your photobucket (or similar) direct link address for your customized banner.
  11. Save your template file with a new name eg Wooden-Fence2.xml.
  12. Load your Wooden-Fence2.xml file into Blogger via Layout / Edit HTML.
  13. Sit back and admire your work!
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