The Poky Little Puppy (Janette Sebring Lowrey)

This book was a gift for Amelie when she turned one, but at that age she wasn't ready for it. She always wanted to turn the page well before I'd read her all the words, and the text to picture ratio wasn't right for her.

Fast forward to age 2 and it's perfect. We've read it so much she knows it off by heart and quotes it often. If we hear a fire engine siren she will say "I can hear something!". Or if she's lost something she'll say "Where is in the world is that..."

It's beautifully illustrated, and I was thrilled to find that you can buy Poky Little Puppy fabric now. I'm chuffed that Amelie's favourite item of clothing is a skirt I sewed for her. To make it, I used a tute I found on the web here.

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